Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coconut Duo!

Cocoa-Nut Cupcakes & Daddy's Coconut Cake Cupcakes!


Daddy's Coconut 

Two Different Cupcakes in one blog post. Oh my :)


Let me tell you about these:)

The "Cocoa-Nuts" Cupcake is a Cocoa based Chocolate Cake, Filled with Coconut-Scented Chocolate Ganashe and Frosted with A Cream Cheese Frosting. The Cupcake gets a generous roll in a pile of Coconut! This one is one of my top favorites. I love coconut and cream cheese and they both go so well with chocolate!

The "Daddy's Coconut Cake" Cupcake is a play off a cake my Dad used to make for us all the time back in the day (before I started making all these cupcakes. hehe.) It's a French Vanilla Cupcake Filled with Coconut Creme and Frosted with a Sour Cream Frosting. This one also takes a dunk in some Coconut! I have to say that I was very nervous to make this one. Dad's Coconut Cake rocks. We all liked it and said that while nothing will ever come close to Dad's, this got just about as close as you could possibly get:)

I would like to remind everyone that I bake everything from scratch. Whether it's just a caramel or chocolate sauce or something as crucial as the cake itself, I never used boxed or canned anything. I want these cupcakes to taste like something your mother, your father, or your grandma made for you.  I would never give you anything that I was not proud of. I think it's what sets my cupcakes apart from the ones that you are used to and makes them so good. You can taste the loooove! Isn't that so hard to find nowadays? 

You can order these for $25 a dozen. My list of flavors to order from keeps on growing and growing! Visit my "Place an Order" tab if you are interested! THANK YOU.

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